Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Take Me out to the ball game, Part Two

What a day Sunday was!!  The whole family loaded into the rental mini-van for our day trip to Chicago.  And THE YANKEES!!!!  The boys have been to MLB but had never seen the Yankees play, so we were all excited.  Jeff had gotten these tickets for my birthday.  He said that since he had to get five tickets, he didn't get very good seats.  Bring the binoculars, he said.  What a silly man.  We sat ten rows up just past third base!!!  I could almost touch Jeter.  I know he could see me! The Yankees hadn't played well in this series, but won Sunday.  Whew.  It is hard to go to the other team's stadium to watch a game, but we really didn't care.  Plus there were lots of Yankee fans all over the stadium.  We were in prime seats for foul balls.  Unfortunately, a little girl did get hit by a hard hit in our section.  And I knitted while waiting for the gates to open and in the stadium.

Then Nathaniel found a restaurant for us to eat at before we trekked home.  A vegan soul food place.  Interesting combination.  The meal was very hearty and very good. All in all, a wonderful day.  Thank you Jeff.  You are very thoughtful.

Now, this is what happens when you rip out your stitches!!!  Kona was healing well until she decided to play vet and take out her own stitches.  Back to the vet again.  Staples this time.  Oh, Kona!!

Knitting still going on.  Finished my open cardigan and ready to make another sweater for myself.  Keep knitting!!!