Friday, April 24, 2009

Street Legal 27 years today!

Today, Jeff and I have been married 27 years. Whew. Jeff would say we have been happily married 20 years. What a joker. I now have been a Wolos as long as I was a Balinskas. Jeff, on the other hand has always been a Wolos. Maybe this year we should use my name. I am a big advocate of finding a new last name when one marries. I think they do that in some Scandinavian country. I know we could have come up with something interesting, and then Jeff could have shared in the fun of changing everything that ever has your name on it!!

He gave me beautiful amber (what a surprise) earrings. I gave him a card. And we are going to Oceanaire for dinner. Yum!

Jeff's birthday is next Friday. (We didn't do a good job scheduling our wedding with other celebrations!) That is Moosey's picture that I made him. It is Moosey because it is a big mouse! It is the first thing I ever made Jeff. I know he will be impressed.

Tomorrow the church vegetable garden starts. We get to move garden soil from the parking lot to the garden. We really know how to have fun. I will watch.

Not much on the needles. A prayer shawl made with Homespun. Socks in a very pretty green that I got from a swap. Finished a foster child sweater, a baby kimono and Moosey. And heading back to Keepsakes for even more yarn.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

RIP Michael

Today is a sad day around here. It is the second anniversary of the murders at Virginia Tech. Alex lost a close friend that day. They graduated from high school together and were good friends. Our thoughts are with Michael Pohle's family and the families that lost a love one that day. Michael was barricading the door to the classroom. That was the kind of person he was.

Unfortunately, this happens too often lately.

On the brighter side, it is going to be sunny and warmer!! Yeah! I am soooo tired of being cold.

We had a very nice Easter. It was nice to have all the boys at one table at the same time. We colored eggs although Nathaniel decorated plastic ones. Lithuanians have a tradition of challenging one another to cracking each other eggs. Alex won this year. Nathaniel won the vegan division--he was the only one in it. He made his vegan main entree and cruelty free mashed potatoes (but isn't mashing them cruel?) And then for fun, we helped Nathaniel make buttons. Never a dull moment in this house!

There isn't much on the needles. I frogged the socks I was knitting. Very easy pattern, but it just wasn't coming out right. So, they are resting for now. Finished a foster child sweater and now making a hat for it. And a mouse is being made for Jeff's birthday.

Friday, April 3, 2009


There are places, people and events that can shaped who you are. One happening can affect one person differently than another.

I knit in two different groups. The first group I joined is from my church. They made the Guidepost sweaters for chilly children around the world. I hadn't knitted in a long time, so this was a good group of women to get my skills up and running. They are older and in fact, I am the age of their children! And I am in my 50's. It was a small group but others would show up when they could. I felt comfortable with them eventhough I got bored making the same sweater over and over. I would try new stitches and patterns. Soon, I was teaching them new things. But that was fine. Now, we have more people coming each week. And even closer to my age! I do love these women. They have gone through life experiences during a different time than me. I have learned much from them.

I have been knitting at my other group for almost a year. The group is made up of very talented people of all ages. In fact, I am one of the older knitters. But definitately, not the most experienced. Already looking at life from a different angle. I so enjoy this group too. Never know what subject will be discussed, and they do come up with some very interesting subjects!! And usually from a younger persceptive but not necessarily different from mine. Which does comfort me. I am not as old as I sometimes think I am. Nor am I as young as I sometimes think I am.

This group has also made not afraid of my knitting skills. I don't think I would ever have tried to make socks if I didn't have these women around me. And now I am addicted to socks. I know if I ever have questions about any aspect of knitting, I know I can count on them. Who knows what I may try next!!

Now for those shoes up top. Be careful of bringing money to knitting. A couple of weeks ago, I bought some luscious red yarn from Mandie. No more money but couldn't wait to get that yarn on needles. And last night!!! OY! There was a pair of clear Chucks being tried on. Hmm, they didn't fit quite right. Ok, I'll try them. Oh, dear, they fit great. There went all my money. But am I too old for them?? Oh, no everyone replied. Hmmmm. That goes back to am I as old as I think I am or am I as young as I sometimes think I am. Time will tell. But they do show off socks!!!

Needless to say, my family thinks I am just nuts.