Sunday, March 13, 2011

Put some vodka in that lemonade

It's is about five and a half weeks into this new journey we are taking, and I must admit that it isn't easy. I am trying to learn to keep my tongue in check but that isn't easy either. At times, things look almost good. Jeff is Executive Director of Inflammation at a start up company, but they don't have any money. He will be writing their papers, and he is good at that. And it seems there is information in the air, but it doesn't land. But enough about that. I might be writing about joblessness a lot, though.

Oh, the coquille shawl!!! I really enjoyed knitting this one. The pattern was written so well, and I greatly appreciated that!!! I was making it for me, but I think I will give it to my friend who has been so kind to me during this time.

My youngest son says that I don't blog enough, but my life isn't as exciting as his. I sit and knit and read (Ohhh, did I mention that I love my Kindle??) and try to stay out of Jeff's way. Or maybe my life is exciting, I just don't realize it. But probably not. I just try to keep up with the boys. Or men, they aren't little anymore. The youngest also known as the lazy vegan, has been taping himself preparing food. I must admit that the videos have been quite funny. If you need a laugh, go to and check out the lazy vegan for a good chuckle.

I have been knitting a lot to relieve the stress. My hand is aching from it. Another pair of socks on the needles. The Shalom sweater is back in my graces. Knitting groups are a big relief for me.

Keep those needles going!!!