Sunday, May 31, 2009

Take me out to the ball game

The weather was great, so we decided to go to the Indianapolis Indians game. Jeff got us good seats. The guys like to see me duck when foul balls come my way, so they picked close to the field just beyond first base. I got hit in the head once at a knothole game, and for some reason, I think they are trying to reenact this. There were about 300 pitching changes and this game went on forever. And then our team lost.

I did get most of the ribbing done on the back of Alex's sweater vest. The lighting is very good at a ballpark! And no one even noticed what I was doing. I found it hard in the beginning of the game to knit and watch the game, so I decided to only knit when the other team was batting.

Then we went to Granite City for dinner. A nice cold beer went down quite quickly. The food was good but could have fed a small country. I did not take out my knitting there.

Finished my Wanida socks from Socks Innovation. I really like the way they came out in Mandie's red yarn. I can't wait until cool weather to wear them. What am I saying? I wear them now.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mary, Mary, quite contrary!

How does your garden grow?? We hope with many veggies! We got the church vegetable garden planted. We worked hard Saturday preparing the soil in our new garden area. We still had a lot of garden soil to move from the parking lot to the back of the church. Not an easy task. But then a guardian angel came. Ok, it was Rosie Gardens. They came to plant around the new church and came with lots of big garden equipment. Oh, please, could you move this little bit of dirt for us?? And they did!! Got it all in their truck and then dumped exactly where we wanted it in the garden!! There were a lot of Whews. Then we, (ok, not me) raked, tilled and whatever we do to dirt. It started to look like a garden.

Then today after church, the garden crew and some parishoniers got to work planting. The kitchen crew fed us a great lunch so we would have all the energy we really needed. Bryan and I were planting pepper plants. I got four in and sliced open my knee with a very useful but very sharp garden tool. I did finally get my plants in. Jeff and Alex really worked hard and got 5 beds planted. Now we are waiting for rain, but not too much. That happened to us last year and all the beans drowned.

The garden is smaller than our old one, but we will still get lots of veggies. All the food goes to local food pantries. Second Helpings got quite a bit of our veggies in the past. So pray for good growing weather.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. And that everyone who went to the race had a great time and brought their knitting with them!!! Besides working in the garden, I think all I have done so far is eat. And knit. Finishing up a foster child sweater and I hope I have enough for the sleeves or it is going to look pretty funky. Second Wanida sock going well. Finished a gift. (oh, it is cute!)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Punk Rock Prom

I love waking up at 3:30 in the morning to the house alarm. My husband barely moves and the dog doesn't wake up. Now, it is either a burglar that knows the code or Nathaniel coming home unexpectly. It was Nathaniel. And he was very sharply dressed. Oh, it was Punk Rock Prom!!! I thought it was next week. So, we didn't go. The theme this year was Swine Flu. How romantic. The picture is from a couple of years ago. Nathaniel and friends. He is in the back and looks like he walked out of the movie Newsies. I know there are pictures from Friday, but not sure where.

Oh, there he is. This is a good picture because it shows how he looked with hair in the picture of him on the mantle. It's all I have to to remember the old Nathaniel.

Nathaniel came home to bring me a Mother's Day present! Vegan cupcakes. Yum. They really were very good. And he was off again.

I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day. I know some people don't have great relationships with their mother's, but I have a wonderful mom. She was always there eventhough I wasn't always an easy teenager. She had many talents that I wish I had learned from her, but she never wanted to push us into something we weren't interested in. I don't get to see her much now. She is in an assisted living facility near my sister. We talk often unless she doesn't have her hearing aid in or the battery is dead!!

My guys spoiled me the whole weekend. Alex bought me a knitting book that I can't believe he remembered I wanted. Vegan cupcakes. Bryan was his usual sweet self. New earrings. Beautiful flowers. Waffles with berries and whipped cream. And mimosas!! Off to Lowes and Salisbury brothers for yard plants. And they got planted! Then lobster for dinner!!! And wine. Whew. I slept well.

Now it's back to regular scheduling programming. I had all the dished to do from last night. Laundry, etc, etc, etc. It was good while it lasted, though.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Way to Go, Jeff!!

WOOHOO, Jeff!!!! Jeff ran the mini in good time!! Official time 2.02.28. Not bad for an old man!! Alex and I got up at an ungodly hour to go downtown with him. We watched him run off and then had breakfast at Cafe Patachou. Not a bad way to start the race for us. Then we went over to the finish line, knowing that we were very early for that. We edged our way up to the front. And waited. And waited. Hmmm, Jeff should have finished but we still waited. And he called us. He has been finished for a while. Yes, we totally missed him finish. I still can't believe it. Two sets of eyes watching. We will never live this down.

Yesterday was Jeff's birthday. Moosey the mouse was a hit and went to work. Hopefully, no experiments will be done on him. Jeff and Kona loved the tribble. Kona goes nuts whenever it goes on. Tomorrow we are going somewhere for his birthday dinner. We carbohydrated on Friday to get ready for the race. Unfortunately, I don't really need to load any more carbohydrates.

But now we are ready for next year's race and will get a picture of Jeff finishing. He will run on his 60th birthday and we can't wait. Hopefully, his brother will be here, too, to run.

Didn't knit at the race. No place but the bleachers and there were no seats left. Finished the prayer shawl, working on a second sock and co a foster child sweater.

I very proud of you, Jeff!!!!!