Sunday, May 31, 2009

Take me out to the ball game

The weather was great, so we decided to go to the Indianapolis Indians game. Jeff got us good seats. The guys like to see me duck when foul balls come my way, so they picked close to the field just beyond first base. I got hit in the head once at a knothole game, and for some reason, I think they are trying to reenact this. There were about 300 pitching changes and this game went on forever. And then our team lost.

I did get most of the ribbing done on the back of Alex's sweater vest. The lighting is very good at a ballpark! And no one even noticed what I was doing. I found it hard in the beginning of the game to knit and watch the game, so I decided to only knit when the other team was batting.

Then we went to Granite City for dinner. A nice cold beer went down quite quickly. The food was good but could have fed a small country. I did not take out my knitting there.

Finished my Wanida socks from Socks Innovation. I really like the way they came out in Mandie's red yarn. I can't wait until cool weather to wear them. What am I saying? I wear them now.


  1. you are a ahead of the stitch and pitch group!!!!

  2. What can I say, I'm ahead of my time!