Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy B'day Gnat!

Ah, my baby turns 20 today. Happy Birthday, Nathaniel. I hope you have a great day!

No more teenagers in the house. This doesn't mean no more juvenile behavior though.( How did Elise hurt her nose? Well, we were on the roof. OK, I don't need to know anymore.) And the list could go on.

This was a hard birthday for me. Not because I was sad about it but because I had no idea what to get him. He only requested a new expensive button machine. So, I took him clothes shopping. He wanted skin tight denim shorts. These don't exist. Well, they did, in the girls department and they were a little too frilly for Nathaniel. I didn't think it was smart to buy $40 jeans to cut off. Then it was on to vegan slip on shoes. That was a no go too. So, we went to Kroger and got a hand held can opener, garlic press and a new salt shaker. I am so good to my boys. (there was a little trouble at Kroger though. They stopped carrying tofu!!!! How can this be possible??? I did cause a bit of a ruckus)

We went to Amber India restaurant for dinner. It took me about 3 hours to get through the menu as it was very extensive. They had a good variety of vegan items, so Nathaniel was happy. My meal was very good and everyone enjoyed theirs. Lots of spices. Lots of water. Then home for the vegan carrot birthday cake. I should have made the cake in the pan recommended and not in cake pans. Cakes without eggs do not stick together well. It didn't look very good but was very tasty. Very moist. Yum!

This is where I mention that I can't believe that it has been 20 since his birth, but in reality, I do believe it! I also won't mention that his birth was shown on the Jerry Springer Show. It wasn't really, but on the news show that Jerry Springer was an anchorman in Cincinnati! (we were file film for many years for the birth of children on that channel)

Now, all the festivities are over. It was fun and now Nathaniel is off to shows here and there. I think we get to see him sometime this weekend. Or maybe not.

And back to knitting Alex's sweater vest. It is coming along well and may actually fit him.

Good knitting all!!!

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  1. Happy birthday to your baby----but wait a minute-you were on the Jerry Springer show???wow- your past is interesting:))))) see ya thursday..