Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You say it's your birthday,

It's my birthday too, yeah. And my brother-in-law, and my niece, my knitting friend and an old neighbor's daughter!! It has been a festive week so far. A great time in Kentucky for Father's Day. Went antiquing a the Burlington Antique Show. We used to sell there a lifetime ago. Saw some dear old friends and bought three amber bracelets. Happy Father's Day!!

Monday was Kona's fifth birthday and she is such a party animal.

Today was a great day. I finally met Silvia, my ravelry knitting same day birthday friend. And we met up at the Village Yarn Shop, of course. A great way to start the day. Then a nap before the family got sort of together. Nathaniel was here for presents. Opened some home, then to the wine store to open some with Alex. It turned out to be a Yankee birthday!! A Jeter shirt, a Jeter bobblehead and the whole family is going to a Yankee-White Sox game in August!!! (Plus the Yankees are on TV now!!)

I also got my Crabby Crafters magic ball swap. Such lovely items. The rosewood cable needles and rosewood seaming needles are beautiful! But now I have to learn to cable. I will do it in style.

And Alex's sweater vest is done. It's a miracle. It fits.

Out to dinner tomorrow and then the festivities are over for now. No more birthdays in this house until next year.
Happy knitting everyone!!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! glad it was a good one!!!
    nice sweater vest for Alex--way to go.