Sunday, April 3, 2011

Here comes Peter Cottontail

(listening to Mumford and sons)
Peter Cottontail had nothing to do with these eggs. Jeff, Bryan and I attended an Ukrainian Easter Egg decorating class. Mine is on the left and Jeff's on the right, Bryan squirrelled his up to his room. Jeff was the only real Ukrainian in the room. We had a good time but it was difficult to remember all the steps. Amy who sat next to me was very good. I would like to do this again. Maybe read all the instructions first next time!! ( I may have trouble with that part!)
I finished my Shalom sweater and like it. However, there is always an however, I wish I was the size of patterns as they are written. This one came in one size that I haven't seen in a long time. Someone had written instructions for larger sizes but they were vague at best. I ended up doing some interpretive knitting. Note to self: Stop knitting sweaters that show off belly.

On to other topics. The young one was in and out this weekend. It is hard to believe that his higher education, as we know it, is almost over. Summer session and a degree in hand. Young ones don't follow the paths we did so many decades ago. At least he knows what his path is. I think.

Windows open today. After the snow on Wednesday, I didn't think this would happen. Now, dealing with open windows and allergies! Fun.

PPTs requested. Need a cat scan for a change in a nodule on my lung. Update soon.

Socks finished. Two bluebirds. Project Linus blanket still on needles. (I am not loving this blanket) Oh, niece is expecting a baby this September. What to knit, what to knit!!!

That's it. Keep those needles busy!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Put some vodka in that lemonade

It's is about five and a half weeks into this new journey we are taking, and I must admit that it isn't easy. I am trying to learn to keep my tongue in check but that isn't easy either. At times, things look almost good. Jeff is Executive Director of Inflammation at a start up company, but they don't have any money. He will be writing their papers, and he is good at that. And it seems there is information in the air, but it doesn't land. But enough about that. I might be writing about joblessness a lot, though.

Oh, the coquille shawl!!! I really enjoyed knitting this one. The pattern was written so well, and I greatly appreciated that!!! I was making it for me, but I think I will give it to my friend who has been so kind to me during this time.

My youngest son says that I don't blog enough, but my life isn't as exciting as his. I sit and knit and read (Ohhh, did I mention that I love my Kindle??) and try to stay out of Jeff's way. Or maybe my life is exciting, I just don't realize it. But probably not. I just try to keep up with the boys. Or men, they aren't little anymore. The youngest also known as the lazy vegan, has been taping himself preparing food. I must admit that the videos have been quite funny. If you need a laugh, go to and check out the lazy vegan for a good chuckle.

I have been knitting a lot to relieve the stress. My hand is aching from it. Another pair of socks on the needles. The Shalom sweater is back in my graces. Knitting groups are a big relief for me.

Keep those needles going!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Making Lemonade

There we were, just standing when, whip, the rug was tugged out from us!! We never saw it coming. It came out of the blue. Jeff lost his job. It was not a fun event. Just when I thought everything was good. We were in a good position, retirement not that far away. Thinking of warm places to live. And now this. Back to square one.
Hopefully, Jeff's networking will pan out. Hopefully, it won't be a long wait, but we will just have to see.

I thank everyone for their positive thoughts and prayers (yes, I am one of those who believe in prayer) There are so many kind people out there, and I appreciate all of you.

Although there are no pictures, (I haven't been keeping up with Ravelry much) I have been knitting up a storm. On my second pair of socks and working on whatever is in project bags at my feet.

So, keep those needles going and thanks for everything.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Iceman Cometh

The first wave of ice, sleet, snow and whatever else is in that category has come and gone. Second wave in a few hours. Can't wait. I am knitting, reading and staying sane during all of this. Kona went out this morning and didn't leave any puppy prints. And she has some weight behind her!! I just couldn't put a picture of the yucky weather, so instead, one of me in much warmer weather. It was taken a few years ago.
There was the first big celebration in the Wolos' house last week. Bryan turned 24. I can't believe it, but he did. We had a very nice dinner at Olive Garden with the whole family. Nathaniel made it for all the festivities.

No pictures of any knitting I have finished. But I have really been knitting. Finished a sweater set and baby blanket for baby Eva. It is really cute, take my word for it. Foster child sweater , cowl, some Schuyler blanket squares done. Socks, Shalom sweater on the needles. (is that all, don't I have more??)

Keep safe in this weather. Knitting should be the only thing done during this!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

201 Martinis, 197 to go, 195 to go, I lost count to go

Another Christmas, another Christmas tree. The biggest one yet thanks to Alex. We listened to him and had a beautiful tree. We really didn't need to use our front door. We had room for all our ornaments and then some.
I didn't show the picture of Alex in his footed pajamas with the back flap down. This is a family blog. Suffice to say that he provided that image many times and on Christmas. It is a bit scary to see a 6'3" large man in that much red plaid.
I got the Martini Book, 201 ways to mix the perfect cocktail. I could not imagine that there were so many, but there they were in black and white. We started tasting them right away. I like the fruity ones and anything sweet. I tried ones like James Bond, dirty martini and frankly, they were much too strong for me and somewhat medicinal. I really wanted to like the dirty one, because I love olives, but maybe not so much. I think that is because I have to sip them slooowly. I tend to guzzle.

I also realizes that knitting after drinking martinis is not a good idea. I then have to rip out the next day. I have knitted quite a bit once my eyes started working after cataract surgery. (that could be a whole other blog) But I haven't taken any pictures or updated Ravelry. Eva Claire was born last night and her outfit is blocking now. Take my word for it, it is really cute!!!!

A new year, new promises, new projects.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Another year, another wrinkle

Oh, dear, another birthday. But like I always say, "I wasn't suppose to be here, so each year is a blessing."
Kona had her birthday on Tuesday. She is 6. What a sweetie. She got lots of special treats on her special day. (but she gets lots of treats every day!)
So, my day started early. 8am at the gym and Josh didn't give me any presents by being easy on me. Lots of leg exercises! Ouch today. Alex bought me a great lunch. Avocado sub from Mellow Mushroom. Yum! And a cannoli from Shapiro's. Then time for a nap!

We weren't sure when or if Nathaniel was coming out to dinner with us. Finally heard from him and he had a bike accident. Pretty banged up. We picked him up and off to Mama Carolla's for a wonderful dinner.
Then back to the homestead for presents!!!!! I hit the mother lode. I think they went overboard, but I am not really complaining. Look!!! The first season of Glee, Mass Ave gift card, spa certificate for my car, Baltic Bootie pattern from peace fleece and a new yellow purse!!!!!!! (there was more, but these fit in the picture!)
And now it's back to the real world, second load of laundry in, dishes etc. But I have a great family and they make everything so much easier.
It's off to Mass Ave and my gift card this weekend to take advantage of their sale!!!

Happy Knitting to everyone!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who the hell is that person in the mirror???? I don't recognize that person. It is certainly not the person I see in my mind when I think of that person. I see a younger woman with a lot less wrinkles, pretty hair, less fat. Mirrors are not my friend. Unless it is my makeup mirror that I don't clean often. I find the dust covers up the wrinkles and imperfections well.

I think they get the mirrors at the gym from travelling circuses. The kind that make big heads, taller and funny looking. My gym got ones that make people short and very wide. Not a good look. I am thinking of wearing a burka to the gym so I don't see that short wide person.

I got my hair cut this week. I don't know where my hairdressers got her mirrors. I think maybe an illusionist. My hair can look fine until I get there. Then it is very mousy and every grey hair is magnified 1000x. It also makes my face very round. I'm thinking of getting the Nathaniel hair cut. Then I don't have to worry about it.

I don't really want to look as young as my high school picture (for those wondering, I graduated in 1972!!! omg). I should just accept that I am in my 50's. I tend to forget. Not that that is bad, just that sometimes I think I am younger. That can frustrate me until I remember that I am not 20 years younger and shouldn't expect others to think that too. Anyway, I really am blessed to be turning 56. I wasn't suppose to make it this long.

Knitting, knitting, knitting. Finally finished the super bowl scarf. I am not doing another one for a long time. Started Dusk, a wrap sweater for me in a luscious cranberry. A prayer shawl for church, unfortunately, there was a run on shawls there. And still working on the silk scarf

Keep clicking!!!