Friday, January 14, 2011

201 Martinis, 197 to go, 195 to go, I lost count to go

Another Christmas, another Christmas tree. The biggest one yet thanks to Alex. We listened to him and had a beautiful tree. We really didn't need to use our front door. We had room for all our ornaments and then some.
I didn't show the picture of Alex in his footed pajamas with the back flap down. This is a family blog. Suffice to say that he provided that image many times and on Christmas. It is a bit scary to see a 6'3" large man in that much red plaid.
I got the Martini Book, 201 ways to mix the perfect cocktail. I could not imagine that there were so many, but there they were in black and white. We started tasting them right away. I like the fruity ones and anything sweet. I tried ones like James Bond, dirty martini and frankly, they were much too strong for me and somewhat medicinal. I really wanted to like the dirty one, because I love olives, but maybe not so much. I think that is because I have to sip them slooowly. I tend to guzzle.

I also realizes that knitting after drinking martinis is not a good idea. I then have to rip out the next day. I have knitted quite a bit once my eyes started working after cataract surgery. (that could be a whole other blog) But I haven't taken any pictures or updated Ravelry. Eva Claire was born last night and her outfit is blocking now. Take my word for it, it is really cute!!!!

A new year, new promises, new projects.

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