Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Iceman Cometh

The first wave of ice, sleet, snow and whatever else is in that category has come and gone. Second wave in a few hours. Can't wait. I am knitting, reading and staying sane during all of this. Kona went out this morning and didn't leave any puppy prints. And she has some weight behind her!! I just couldn't put a picture of the yucky weather, so instead, one of me in much warmer weather. It was taken a few years ago.
There was the first big celebration in the Wolos' house last week. Bryan turned 24. I can't believe it, but he did. We had a very nice dinner at Olive Garden with the whole family. Nathaniel made it for all the festivities.

No pictures of any knitting I have finished. But I have really been knitting. Finished a sweater set and baby blanket for baby Eva. It is really cute, take my word for it. Foster child sweater , cowl, some Schuyler blanket squares done. Socks, Shalom sweater on the needles. (is that all, don't I have more??)

Keep safe in this weather. Knitting should be the only thing done during this!!!

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