Sunday, April 3, 2011

Here comes Peter Cottontail

(listening to Mumford and sons)
Peter Cottontail had nothing to do with these eggs. Jeff, Bryan and I attended an Ukrainian Easter Egg decorating class. Mine is on the left and Jeff's on the right, Bryan squirrelled his up to his room. Jeff was the only real Ukrainian in the room. We had a good time but it was difficult to remember all the steps. Amy who sat next to me was very good. I would like to do this again. Maybe read all the instructions first next time!! ( I may have trouble with that part!)
I finished my Shalom sweater and like it. However, there is always an however, I wish I was the size of patterns as they are written. This one came in one size that I haven't seen in a long time. Someone had written instructions for larger sizes but they were vague at best. I ended up doing some interpretive knitting. Note to self: Stop knitting sweaters that show off belly.

On to other topics. The young one was in and out this weekend. It is hard to believe that his higher education, as we know it, is almost over. Summer session and a degree in hand. Young ones don't follow the paths we did so many decades ago. At least he knows what his path is. I think.

Windows open today. After the snow on Wednesday, I didn't think this would happen. Now, dealing with open windows and allergies! Fun.

PPTs requested. Need a cat scan for a change in a nodule on my lung. Update soon.

Socks finished. Two bluebirds. Project Linus blanket still on needles. (I am not loving this blanket) Oh, niece is expecting a baby this September. What to knit, what to knit!!!

That's it. Keep those needles busy!

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