Friday, June 11, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who the hell is that person in the mirror???? I don't recognize that person. It is certainly not the person I see in my mind when I think of that person. I see a younger woman with a lot less wrinkles, pretty hair, less fat. Mirrors are not my friend. Unless it is my makeup mirror that I don't clean often. I find the dust covers up the wrinkles and imperfections well.

I think they get the mirrors at the gym from travelling circuses. The kind that make big heads, taller and funny looking. My gym got ones that make people short and very wide. Not a good look. I am thinking of wearing a burka to the gym so I don't see that short wide person.

I got my hair cut this week. I don't know where my hairdressers got her mirrors. I think maybe an illusionist. My hair can look fine until I get there. Then it is very mousy and every grey hair is magnified 1000x. It also makes my face very round. I'm thinking of getting the Nathaniel hair cut. Then I don't have to worry about it.

I don't really want to look as young as my high school picture (for those wondering, I graduated in 1972!!! omg). I should just accept that I am in my 50's. I tend to forget. Not that that is bad, just that sometimes I think I am younger. That can frustrate me until I remember that I am not 20 years younger and shouldn't expect others to think that too. Anyway, I really am blessed to be turning 56. I wasn't suppose to make it this long.

Knitting, knitting, knitting. Finally finished the super bowl scarf. I am not doing another one for a long time. Started Dusk, a wrap sweater for me in a luscious cranberry. A prayer shawl for church, unfortunately, there was a run on shawls there. And still working on the silk scarf

Keep clicking!!!

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