Saturday, June 5, 2010

Celebrate, Celebrate, dance to the music!

I hope everyone is dancing to their favorite tune. We have had lots of celebrations in the past few months. Jeff and I had our 28th anniversary in April. Then a week later, Jeff turned 60!!! (I am much younger, a trophy wife) He handled the new decade quite well. Then a week later he ran the Indy 500 mini-marathon. I was so proud of him. He did a personal best. Then a week later, we had a 60th party!!! Jeff, "I have no friends", had a great time. He really enjoyed himself with his friends around him. Then two weeks later, he ran the Geist mini marathon. What a man.

Today is Nathaniel's 21st birthday!! My baby. Nathaniel wanted to make pierogies and that's what we did!! Vegan pierogis!!! Yum if you like chili powder and red pepper flakes in them. We also made lots of regular ones.

Now for what is being knitted. Did some 8" squares for the Schuyler Blanket Project. I learned not to knit two scarves at the same time. No matter what the yarn and pattern, they take tooooo long. One is for the Super Bowl, 2012. The other scarf is a luscious silk in a wonderful pattern.
Keep those needles busy!!!

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