Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another Birthday?

Alex turned 26 last Thursday. These birthdays are having an effect on me. These guys are getting much too old. Seems like just a couple years have passed when I was making baseball, soccer ball, lego and kitty litter cakes. But who can resist a guy in a kilt towel??? He gets cuter every year. We went to India Garden for dinner. Oh, yum. It was delicious. Then back home for cake. My exercise trainer told me about Holy Cow Cupakes that had Guinness cupcakes. (Isn't that wrong for a trainer to tell me to eat cupcakes?) But OMG, her cupcakes were incredible. So, now we wait for the next birthday, Jeff's 60th!!!

I made the mistake of going out to Melly's jewelry party on Monday night. Not that I didn't enjoy my night out, I did. But when I came home, there had been some redecorating done to the first floor bathroom. Never let men do redecorating. Yes, that is a TV and DVR and reading material in the bathroom. They wanted to fill the tub with ice for the beer. They didn't see anything wrong with this. They were disappointed that I didn't need to use the room as the TV was ready to play Nathaniel in marching band. OY!

And now on to knitting. I am in knitting doldrums. I finished the Super Bowl Scarf and can't get anything done. I am trying the Ishbel scarf again. Two steps forward, one step back. Sigh. I am going to take a deep breath and knit on!

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