Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I left my cookies in San Francisco

I got back from San Francisco the other day, and my body and mind don't know if they are coming or going. It was so nice to get away even for just a couple of days. Left in snow and arrived in flowers and green. DH had a one day meeting, so I was off with credit card in hand. First stop, Imagiknits! Got there at 10:10 and it was closed (note to self--check store times before heading out!). So back to our very nice hotel to regroup. Then off to shop. Thankfully, there is a mall next door! Found a Bare Essentials store that really came in handy since I forgot to pack brushes for my make-up. Then some lunch and back to more shopping. Back to the hotel to catch my breath. Uh oh!!! Something must have been wrong with that lunch!!! Good thing dh is not going to be back for awhile! There went my cookies. ugh.

But fine by the next day. Dh and I off to sightsee. Cable car to Fisherman's Wharf. Trip on cable car much more relaxed than last time with the boys. They were hanging off the side putting their mom in fear. Lots of walking along the wharf. The sea lions were back (they had left for a long time) Stop at Giradelli square. Really nothing there. Note to tourist-- the same chocolate is $6 cheaper at Walgreens!!! And then my dh said let's go to the yarn shop! What a dear. It is filled with yarn. Two rooms. However, I couldn't figure out any organization, so it was difficult to find my way around. The staff were helpful, but were all very busy.
Then dinner with my cousin!!!! We haven't seen each other for 15 years, but it felt like we hadn't seen each other for only a week! It was so great to see and talk with her.

Next day, off to Napa Valley!! Stopped at Vistor Center. What did you say?? A yarn shop near by??? What luck! Dh didn't object. I was in heaven. Alex had recommended some wineries and we hit the first one at noon. They were all fun, but drinking all day was overwhelming!!! Plus everyone driving on that two lane road?? No wonder there were so many limos!!!

Then we found our Bed and Breakfast. The Ink House. Lovely place and more wine and cheese. whew. Had a lovely time in the parlor with the other guests. Off to dinner. I didn't think we looked bad, but the waitress said "No wine, right?" How did she know?????

Finally, back to the Inn. And our room. The Elvis room! Yes, Elvis stayed there in 1960 while making a film. It was a lovely room, no black velvet. Not even a plaque. Jeff and I looked at that bed and each other and promptly fell asleep. At 8:30!!!!

So now it is back to our reality. I just feel like napping. Knitting on my super bowl scarf on the trip. Easy to pack and carry. Now I have to get some serious knitting done. Back to the Ishbel scarf.

Keep knitting!!!!

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