Thursday, January 28, 2010

Make a Wish!

I haven't written since October! I don't know if it is because I didn't have anything to say or I had too much to say or life got in the way. Maybe a little of everything.
Today is Bryan's birthday!!! And beside the awful sinus headache I had, it was a good day. He spent some of the day with a friend and then we went to Olive Garden for a really nice dinner. And the sun was out to make the day even better!!

Alex is back from London. It is nice having him home, sort of like having a butler. He goes to the store, gets my car gas, sometimes cooks great meals and makes me tea. And thankfully, he got his old job back at the wine store. But he is looking forward and realizes he needs a masters, so that is on the agenda now.
And of course, I have been knitting. Fiesta the hippo is modelling the drop stitch scarf or the daughter I never had scarf. It is for Elise, a friend of Nathaniel's. Really enjoyed knitting it. The yarn is mini mochi.

And then there is the infamous (ok, why do I have underlining??) "the sweater that won't be worn" It was a joy to knit even for someone who doesn't like sweaters. He actually wore it to church and to work. And looked stunning in it!!

On the needles, socks (oy, from September!) , foster child sweater, always squares for the Schuyler Blanket project and I guess that's it for now.

Keep those needles moving!!

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