Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mary, Mary, quite contrary!

How does your garden grow?? We hope with many veggies! We got the church vegetable garden planted. We worked hard Saturday preparing the soil in our new garden area. We still had a lot of garden soil to move from the parking lot to the back of the church. Not an easy task. But then a guardian angel came. Ok, it was Rosie Gardens. They came to plant around the new church and came with lots of big garden equipment. Oh, please, could you move this little bit of dirt for us?? And they did!! Got it all in their truck and then dumped exactly where we wanted it in the garden!! There were a lot of Whews. Then we, (ok, not me) raked, tilled and whatever we do to dirt. It started to look like a garden.

Then today after church, the garden crew and some parishoniers got to work planting. The kitchen crew fed us a great lunch so we would have all the energy we really needed. Bryan and I were planting pepper plants. I got four in and sliced open my knee with a very useful but very sharp garden tool. I did finally get my plants in. Jeff and Alex really worked hard and got 5 beds planted. Now we are waiting for rain, but not too much. That happened to us last year and all the beans drowned.

The garden is smaller than our old one, but we will still get lots of veggies. All the food goes to local food pantries. Second Helpings got quite a bit of our veggies in the past. So pray for good growing weather.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. And that everyone who went to the race had a great time and brought their knitting with them!!! Besides working in the garden, I think all I have done so far is eat. And knit. Finishing up a foster child sweater and I hope I have enough for the sleeves or it is going to look pretty funky. Second Wanida sock going well. Finished a gift. (oh, it is cute!)

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