Saturday, May 2, 2009

Way to Go, Jeff!!

WOOHOO, Jeff!!!! Jeff ran the mini in good time!! Official time 2.02.28. Not bad for an old man!! Alex and I got up at an ungodly hour to go downtown with him. We watched him run off and then had breakfast at Cafe Patachou. Not a bad way to start the race for us. Then we went over to the finish line, knowing that we were very early for that. We edged our way up to the front. And waited. And waited. Hmmm, Jeff should have finished but we still waited. And he called us. He has been finished for a while. Yes, we totally missed him finish. I still can't believe it. Two sets of eyes watching. We will never live this down.

Yesterday was Jeff's birthday. Moosey the mouse was a hit and went to work. Hopefully, no experiments will be done on him. Jeff and Kona loved the tribble. Kona goes nuts whenever it goes on. Tomorrow we are going somewhere for his birthday dinner. We carbohydrated on Friday to get ready for the race. Unfortunately, I don't really need to load any more carbohydrates.

But now we are ready for next year's race and will get a picture of Jeff finishing. He will run on his 60th birthday and we can't wait. Hopefully, his brother will be here, too, to run.

Didn't knit at the race. No place but the bleachers and there were no seats left. Finished the prayer shawl, working on a second sock and co a foster child sweater.

I very proud of you, Jeff!!!!!

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