Friday, April 24, 2009

Street Legal 27 years today!

Today, Jeff and I have been married 27 years. Whew. Jeff would say we have been happily married 20 years. What a joker. I now have been a Wolos as long as I was a Balinskas. Jeff, on the other hand has always been a Wolos. Maybe this year we should use my name. I am a big advocate of finding a new last name when one marries. I think they do that in some Scandinavian country. I know we could have come up with something interesting, and then Jeff could have shared in the fun of changing everything that ever has your name on it!!

He gave me beautiful amber (what a surprise) earrings. I gave him a card. And we are going to Oceanaire for dinner. Yum!

Jeff's birthday is next Friday. (We didn't do a good job scheduling our wedding with other celebrations!) That is Moosey's picture that I made him. It is Moosey because it is a big mouse! It is the first thing I ever made Jeff. I know he will be impressed.

Tomorrow the church vegetable garden starts. We get to move garden soil from the parking lot to the garden. We really know how to have fun. I will watch.

Not much on the needles. A prayer shawl made with Homespun. Socks in a very pretty green that I got from a swap. Finished a foster child sweater, a baby kimono and Moosey. And heading back to Keepsakes for even more yarn.

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