Friday, February 13, 2009

A Tragedy

I only know of one family that lives in the Buffalo area. The Wielinski's live at 6038 Long St. in Clarence Center, NY. They are the family that got hit by the plane last night.
I couldn't believe the reporter this morning when he mentioned Karen and her daughter's names. They got out safely but she lost her husband in the crash. Karen's friends are so sad and wish we were closer to her to help her. But now we are all scattered around the country.
Karen and I lived in the same Ohio town and belonged to a mother's group. We spent a lot of time together doing activities with our kids. They moved back to the Buffalo area where they were originally from and were excited about going back. We also moved a couple of times, but we kept in touch. I always loved getting their Christmas cards. Karen would draw the card and it would be lovely. And always the family picture! Karen and Doug had four girls and I enjoyed watching the girls grow up in those pictures.
I could go on, but please say prayers for Karen and her four girls.

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