Friday, February 27, 2009

You asked for it, you got it!

Socks. What else can I say? They have taken over my life. I am not an accomplished knitter, but it came the time to move out of my comfort range of knit, purl and whatever. I knit with a group of great knitters, so I took the plunge in the Fall. I knew if I had questions or problems, they would help me. So I made my first pair. ( They look so nice on those cute chubby legs!!!) They had their problems that I didn't realize, but I was told what I did wrong. I was ready for my next pair and haven't stopped. I made socks for me, my mom, my son and my sil.

These are the buckeye socks for my son that went to Ohio State. What a great Christmas present! He hasn't worn them yet. Maybe he is waiting for football season. (those are handsome feet too!)

After making many basic socks, I was ready for a challenge. But was I really ready for one. Janet was making Monkey socks, and they were looking great. She said they are just yo and k2tog. OK, I thought. OHHHHHHH, I loved knitting them!
And the quest is on. I need purple socks. Got some great Malabrigo Violeta Africana from my favorite knitting store, The Village Yarn Shop in Zionsville, IN. I can't wait to get them on the needles!

On another note, isn't it fun to spend lots of money on necessary house repairs?? Our water heater developed a leak and had to be replaced. Our basement is finished, so the carpet has to be dried out. It sounds like there is a jet in our basement. And the smell. Yuck. Thankfully, it didn't get to Nathaniel's room or the Rockatorium.

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  1. And you totally finished your Monkey socks before I did! You rock, Francie!