Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Temporarily Out of Order

The socks aren't out of order. But aren't they delightful?? I had to take the pix myself but I think they still look wonderful. They are my Lenten socks. I needed purple socks and they were made during Lent. So that's that. They are a grain stitch pattern from a book by Edie Eckman.

I will be out of order after Thursday. Probably not for long though. I am having my trigger finger released Thursday morning. It isn't a big ordeal and I should be fine soon. I think I should take to my bed and be waited on, but we know that won't happen. Alex leaves on Thursday to go watch his football team play in Manchester, England. Jeff leaves on Sunday for Baltimore. Bryan will help me and Nathaniel comes home when he feels like it for Spring Break. He said I still could make buttons. No rest for the weary.

I don't know when I will be able to knit again and that worries me. I got all my projects done, so I don't have anything hanging over my head. I am going to miss some of my knitting groups, but should be back before they miss me!! The diamond baby blanket for baby Marin finally got done. Whew. I made a sweater and hat for her too. I think she will look cuter in the blanket than the hippo! The pattern is a free one from Bernat and is made with cottontots by them.

Now to rest up for all the festivities and those happy pills after the surgery!!!!

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