Saturday, March 14, 2009

And now, back to regular scheduling

I am pretty much back to normal except that I can't get my left hand wet. So NO DISHES! Although, it appears they are just waiting for me. The surgery took about 10 minutes and I was awake for it. Really liked my doctor, all the nurses and the surgery center. And I can wiggle my thumb without pain. I tried not to knit, but I cast on for a Project Linus blanket. Didn't get too much knitting done. It probably wasn't a good idea.

It seems that there is no heat today. I had a garden meeting this morning and I didn't notice the temperature. I got home and it was pretty nippy in the house. Jeff went into work and he wouldn't notice anyway. Looks like I will spend the day upstairs.

Alex finally got to Manchester, England for his football game. At least we think so. He was suppose to leave on Thursday, but his flight to Philly got cancelled. He was soooo upset. Anyway, he got to Philly on Friday and was suppose to get to Manchester five hours before the game started. Uh oh, I just saw that his team lost! Well, he is just happy to be there.

Aren't the orchids lovely? They were an accomplishment for me as this was a second blooming for me. This is not always an easy task. I am now waiting for a third blooming. Time will tell.


  1. glad to hear your doing well, awake--eweeee----no dishes-----use paper--haha..poor alex, how could they cancel his flight??? your orchid is lovely to match your socks.. hope you can come back on thurs---

  2. Glad to hear all went well with your hand! I'm hoping Alex makes it allright to Manchester! If you want me to pass along my phone number (just in case) I can do that!

    Beautiful orchids! I love it when they bloom...too bad there's at least 8 months of waiting between blooms!

  3. Alex made it to Manchester and is having a great time even though they had their hinnies handed to them. He will be home tomorrow. The house has been nice and quiet! Nathaniel has even been quiet. Except for the 2000 buttons he is making for Indy CD and Vinyl.