Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Happy 25th Birthday to Alex!!! I think the picture is sideways, but couldn't fix it, so you might have to strain your neck to see him. Alex is in his Coach Tressel outfit. A true Ohio State fan although I think Manchester United is his number one team right now.
I would say that it feels like yesterday that he was born, but in reality it seems like a lifetime ago. It was a different time, younger, more energy, more time. And that's not to say that he has aged me, well, yeah, I think he has helped to do that! But Alex is a wonderful person. It is interesting to see how children turn out. He is Republican. We don't know how that happened but we love him anyway. He is very sloppy. I am not a great housekeeper, but not a slob. He says he learned that by himself. He is a very compassionate person that makes me very proud. He doesn't ask for anything for his birthday. A donation to a charity. This year it was Autism Speaks. All in all, a very good son. Sveiks, Alex!

Life goes on. My stitches are out. The dishes are waiting for me. Laundry in the dryer. Four projects on the needles. Many more in my mind. My teams are doing well in the brackets. Except for those Buckeyes!!! And the daffodils are blooming!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Alex!!!!!
    francie, glad to see all is back to normal!!!