Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness!!!

Ahh, March Madness is here! This is one of my favorite times of the year. College Basketball. I love it. Never knowing what will happen.
We are Big East fans. Lived in Syracuse, Philadelphia and other East coast cities. And Alex went to Seton Hall for a year. It was nice to see seven of their teams get in plus three out the four number one seeds are Big East. Time will tell!! That is what makes it all exciting, never knowing what will happen.
We also follow Big Ten because that is the area we live in now and mainly because of all the tuition we have paid them. A monetary stake. So, our TV's will be turned to the games and probably not much else will get done around here.
I am going knitting tonight though. I tried to knit a Project LInus blanket, but it was a disaster and will come off the needles. I will try to cast on something before tonight. It will have to be something easy until I can really use my left hand. My hand is getting there. Not much strength in it yet but more mobility. I even helped Nathaniel with all his buttons orders. What a mom.
I hope your team does well!!!


  1. Yaay for knitting tonight! We missed you last week!

  2. Even if you can't knit, you can come to knit night and have a warm beverage and cheerlead the other knitters and have alex call you with updates for baskeball to keep your march madness under control!!

  3. Oh, I do hope I can keep my march madness under control!!!

  4. haha...I actually miss the March Madness! My family did a pool and pulled names for me even though I'm not there! I just got an update from my dad on how my teams are it! See you next week!